Air Pump Wine Bottle Opener, 4 colors

  • $12.99

The Air Pump Bottle Opener uses air and a strongneedle for quick cork removal. The new wine opener with air pump is an easy and quick way to open a bottle with cork. Never again trouble when screwing or pulling out the wine cork. Simply push the needle in and pump in the air and the cork will come out by itself.



  • The revolutionary air pump wine opener is a simple, easy and fast way to open up a bottle of wine. You dont have to struggle with annoying corkscrews. The air pressure pump can be simply used with a needle that pumps air into the bottle and open it in seconds.
  • The easiest and most efficient way to open your wine bottles. No stressful using of corkscrews that break the corks. Compatible with all types and sizes of wine bottles. You dont need any gas for the remover tool.
  • You have a bar, cafe or restaurant? Or just drink wine at home? The bottle pump opener can be used at any occasion and event. It is also very easy to clean. The perfect gift for wine lovers.
  • The air pressure wine bottle opener has a human nature design. It has a perfect handle size for all sizes and types of hands. Easy to operate and use, especially for ladies or aged use. 


  1. Please remove the foil cap of the bottle top.
  2. Insert the needle into the middle of the bottle. Please make sure that the needle has passed through the entire cork.
  3. At the end press the corkscrew to pump air into the bottle by lifting and lowering the corkscrew coat until the cork slide out of the bottle. Normally 4-6 pumps per bottle should be sufficient.


This bottle opener is just useful for wine wood cork not plastic cork, and for the first cork bottle not the recorked ones. Moreover, it doesn’t work on Champagne or Moscato.

Make sure you keep the corkscrew out of children’s reach as the needle is extremely sharp.

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